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PO Box 680530
Park City, UT 84060

SmartWired is dedicated to helping kids and young adults maximize their capabilities and bring out their best in all areas of life.

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With the help of our sponsor organizations and a small group of caring angel investors, we have created some amazing products and programs in the past decade. Look for more asset-focused learning products (apps, books, seminars, a TV series) within our new initiative The Smart Parenting Revolution. Below are some of our existing projects: SmartWired has created a free public site for teens to study and do homework together online, incorporating the SmartWired methodology of asset-focused learning into a unique social network for youth. Individual youth, groups of friends, and teachers creating learning groups have been using Dweeber since 2008.

SmartWired Activity sets and the SmartWired program: we have a one-on-one standalone "game" available for a child and his/her parent, teacher, or mentor to explore the different ways they are smart (i.e. their natural gifts and talents). Both participants will learn a great deal about themselves and each other. We also have a variety of learning resources and training for individual parents and classroom settings. The activity sets and other books and resources are available on our site the Smart Parenting Revolution.

SmartWired SEED Program: We have used the SmartWired process with the SEED worldwide curriculum to support their youth in 7 languages and over 44 countries. Visit the PlanetSEED site to experience a variety of multimedia resources about SmartWired, and also all the amazing science resources they've created and accumulated to help children around the world.