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PO Box 680530
Park City, UT 84060

SmartWired is dedicated to helping kids and young adults maximize their capabilities and bring out their best in all areas of life.

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Our Process

SmartWired was founded on the asset-focused approach to learning researched, developed and practiced by Dawna Markova, Ph.D. and her associates over the past 40 years. SmartWired is a partner company of Professional Thinking Partners (PTP), and just launched the new parent-focused initiative the Smart Parenting Revolution.
Why Asset Focus?
The desire to learn is one of the strongest human drives. However, the delight and success in learning is diminished by the assumption that all children learn the same way. This leads to tracking what’s wrong and labeling and medicating those that don’t fit the norm. This deficit focus stifles children’s natural intelligence, ingenuity and sense of self-worth. Kids get so lost in what they can’t do, that they forget what they can do better than anyone else.

Rather than focusing on what is wrong, we must begin to help our children recognize what is right about them and how to use what’s right to overcome challenges.

How SmartWired Works
SmartWired’s individualized approach is based on four SmartWired principles:

Think of Differences as Resources rather than Disorders

Track Assets rather than Deficits

Think of Mistakes as Experiments rather than Failures

Learn from the Inside Out as well as the Outside In


The SmartWired Process

SmartWired’s three-step process unleashes a child’s potential and fosters a lifelong love of learning:

Recognizing. The Smart Card assessment identifies the child’s unique strengths, gifts, and assets and defines his or her pattern of success.

Utilizing. Online tracking and progress monitoring helps utilize information about each child’s patterns of success and shares it with teachers, educators, coaches, and others who play a role in his or her life. This knowledge will help others motivate and support the child throughout his or her life of learning, using what is right to overcome what’s wrong.

Developing. Helping to create the richest possible environment and support for the development of each child's unique talents, including asset-focused partnerships between the home, school and community.

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